A Google Account Is No Longer Required To Join A Video Call In Google Hangouts

One of the biggest downsides to any video calling platform is the fact that you need to have an account with that service. This goes across the board with each and every service. While it’s not really that big of a deal to create an account, it can cause some delays in getting things done. However now users of Google Hangouts will not need to worry about that.

Starting this week video calls on Google Hangouts will not require a Google account in order to work. Users can simply click on a provided link to join the call within their browser or on their smartphone. The feature is targeted as business users first and foremost and it really does make a lot of sense in that scenario.

A quick note however is that the user who is creating the call will need to have a Google account, only uses invited in can go without one.

Source: Google For Work
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