AT&T Launches Video Calling And Advanced Messaging For Capable Devices

When you compare instant messaging services (Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, iMessage) against standard carrier SMS, there’s a pretty huge gap. IM services are lightyears ahead in terms of features and capabilities, but today AT&T is looking to close the gap just a bit for their customers. Today they launch two new services on their network, Advanced Messaging and Video Calling.

First off, let’s talk advanced messaging. With a software update devices on AT&T will be able to send larger files up to 10MB by text and also know when their message is delivered, when it’s been read, and also when the other person is typing. This only applies when you’re messaging someone who is also on an AT&T postpaid plan and when you are on AT&T’s network.

Right now this service is active on the Galaxy S6 Active and the Galaxy S5 Mini, but it will be rolling out to other “capable” devices soon via an OTA.

Advanced Messaging should prove to be a great addition to AT&T's network.

Advanced Messaging should prove to be a great addition to AT&T’s network.

Video calling is another new addition to AT&T today and it’s pretty straight forward. Postpaid customers on the network will be able to make and receive video calls straight from your smartphone’s dialer. This will use both voice and data, billed accordingly. To use this you’ll need to be connected to AT&T’s network and within an area covered by HD Voice.

As with Advanced Messaging, this is launching on the Galaxy S6 Active and will roll out to other devices via an OTA update soon.

Source: AT&T
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