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There Is Now A Facebook Messenger App Designed For The Workplace

There Is Now A Facebook Messenger App Designed For The Workplace

The Facebook Messenger app is no doubt a very popular instant messaging client. This is largely due to the fact that virtually everyone these days has a Facebook account that they check at least once a day, meaning that sending a message to someone via the Facebook Messenger app almost assures that they will get that message. Giving Facebook an even bigger upper hand in the world of instant messaging apps, Facebook also bought the largest instant messaging client in the world a while back, WhatsApp. Despite all of this Facebook was still missing out on the huge amount of people who’s companies use messaging clients such as Google Hangouts or Slack on daily basis. On Thursday, the folks at Facebook quietly decided to change that.

Yesterday Facebook decided to quietly launch a version of the Facebook Messenger app designed specifically for use in the workplace. The app is called “Work Chat” and it is very similar to the regular Facebook Messenger app that we all know and love. It allows coworkers to send messages, photos, videos, or stickers to one another individually or in groups. There is a bit of a catch, though.


First off, you will need to have employees with Android devices as the Work Chat app is currently only available on the Google Play Store (an iOS app is currently in the works). Also, if you wish to incorporate the Work Chat app into your company then you must be part of Facebook’s very limited Facebook at Work Beta. Those of you who are currently part of this program probably know that there is already a chat service built into the Facebook at Work Beta. Well, just like what happened with regular Facebook and Facebook Messanger, that service is now being separated into its own app.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Facebook’s Work Chat app can eventually compete with bigger instant messaging clients in the work place, especially Slack. Right now Slack is capable of a bit more such as allowing employees to share files with one another and plug into useful¬†services such as Trello, things that Work Chat is not yet able to do. If Facebook really wants their new app to become widely adopted in the work place then they will need to integrate essential features like this in the near future.

Source: Work Chat (Play Store) Via: The Verge

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