T-Mobile’s Binge On Doesn’t Violate Net Neutrality Rules Says FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

T-Mobile is constantly offering new programs and incentives for their customers that for the most part benefit them. Their latest move has been their Binge On program which allows users to stream all of the video they want (from select services) without it counting against their monthly data allotment. Popular services such as Netflix, Hulu, and more are currently supported with BingeOn, but with this service a question arises. How does it affect Net Neutrality?

The service benefits both the customer and the network, but because it treats some services differently than others, it could be viewed as violating the rules of Net Neutrality. However the chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, has stated that T-Mobile’s Binge On service does not violate any Net Neutrality rules. He says that it is pro-innovation and pro-competition as well.

The FCC has not flagged Binge On as violating rules, but they will put it to a vote in a complaint arises. However since the service is open to new platforms and companies aren’t paying to be on it (to what we’re aware anyway), it doesn’t look like there will be any issues. What are your thoughts? Do you consider Binge On to violate Net Neutrality? Let us know in the comments below!

Via: Digital Trends
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