Samsung Is No Longer Updating The Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4, Will Live Out It’s Days On Android KitKat

Generally when you buy an Android smartphone or tablet, you can expect at least one major Android update in it’s lifespan. However Samsung is not honoring that with their Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4. Originally released back in January of 2014, the Tab PRO 8.4 is nearing 2 years old, but in that time it’s still never seen a major Android update. Since it was announced the tablet was announced it’s been restricted to KitKat and now it seems that it’ll stay that way.

According to Samsung UK, the Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 will not be updated past Android KitKat. No Android Lollipop, no Android Marshmallow. Normally this wouldn’t be all that huge a problem, but considering this tablet still runs like a champ with solid specifications, leaving it on an older, less secure operating system seems like a kick in the pants for users who bought the tablet.

Luckily there are other options. Just yesterday CyanogenMod announced that the Tab PRO 8.4 would be one of the first to run it’s Marshmallow-based CM13 ROM, but it’s still disappointing to see such a lack of support from the OEM.

Source: Samsung UK (Twitter) Header Image: Gizmag
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