Spotify Android App Updated With A New And Improved Android Wear App

Earlier this year Spotify introduced officially support for Android Wear through their Android application, however it was a bit of a weird implementation. Rather than accessing the app by voice or through the app drawer, users had to be actively playing music to get to the app. This took away a huge portion of the usefulness of this app, but now the app has been revised with a new version that includes a true Android Wear application.

Now users can access the app through their app drawer or by voice. Upon opening the app they’ll be presented with their “recently played” music which includes playlists and artists. You won’t be able to navigate through your library, but you can select any of the playlists or artists shown to immediately start playing music on your phone or on another device via Spotify Connect. While there are still improvements that could be made, we’re happy to see that the company has taken the time needed to make their Android Wear support better than it was before.

This new app is available through the latest version of the Spotify app available now on Google Play.

Via: DroidHorizon

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