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OnePlus Admits That Their USB C Accessories Are Out Of Spec, Offering Refunds

OnePlus Admits That Their USB C Accessories Are Out Of Spec, Offering Refunds

It was only a matter of time after Google Engineer Benson Leung began his crusade to identify bad USB C cables that he’d give us his thoughts on the option from OnePlus. Long story short, Leung identified all OnePlus USB C accessories as being out of spec and that users should stay away. Now OnePlus has finally come out and admitted the issue and is now offering optional refunds to customers.

If you’re curious what the issue is with OnePlus’ cable, it’s the resistor they’ve used. A proper USB C cable has a 56kΩ resistor while the option from OnePlus has a 10kΩ resistor. While the cable is still completely safe for use with the OnePlus 2 since it does not have an form of fast charging, it could be harmful for devices like this year’s crop of Nexus smartphones since they include fast charging. The company is currently in the process of designing new USB C accessories that include the 56kΩ resistor.

If you purchased OnePlus’ USB C cables for a device other than the OnePlus 2, the company is offering you a full refund. Note that you will need the email used when originally buying the cable and the order number. Once submitted an employee at OnePlus will review the claim and send a refund via PayPal. We don’t know how long it’ll take to get your money back however. This only applies to those living in North America and Europe, if you live in China or India you’ll need to take a trip to the nearest OnePlus service center and turn in your USB C cable for a refund.

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