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Could Google Be Assisting Samsung In Optimizing TouchWiz?

Could Google Be Assisting Samsung In Optimizing TouchWiz?

Over the past few years Samsung’s skin over Android, TouchWiz, has gotten much, much better. However as I’ve said in multiple Samsung device reviews in this year, TouchWiz is still TouchWiz. Even with 3GB of RAM, the Galaxy S6 housed some of the worst RAM management we’ve seen in recent times. The Note 5 and S6 Edge+ helped with that, but the issues still remained to an extent. Samsung has been working rigorously in fixing their UI, but it seems they might not have to fix it alone. According to what is frankly an insane rumor, Samsung might be getting the help of Google themselves to optimize TouchWiz.

As much as Google want’s Android to shine the way it is when it’s built, it’s hard to turn away from Samsung’s version since it is afterall the most popular Android UX on the planet. Samsung Viet claims that Google is currently planning to begin work with Samsung fairly soon on ironing out the bugs caused by Samsung’s many customizations to Android. While this rumor might seem too far fetched, it does actually make quite a bit of sense.

With TouchWiz affecting so many devices around the world, it is usually the first thing someone thinks about when Android is mentioned. Seeing as that is the case, it would make complete sense for Google to work with the company to make sure that first impression is a good one, rather than driving a frustrated customer to perhaps another platform. What’s your opinion? If Samsung were to take the help of Google in making their skin better, would it be for the best? Or would you rather see Samsung continue to work on their own? Let us know in the comments below!

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