Poetic Affinity For Galaxy Note 5 Case Review

The Note 5 is a gorgeous phone thanks in part to it’s metal and glass design. While it looks gorgeous, it’s always nice to add a bit of protection. Normally a case can really ruin the look of your device, but with their Affinity series, Poetic has made something that truly enhances the design.

Made from a TPU material this case has a glossy and grippy feel on the outside and a few black lines that enhance the design and also keep the device off of surfaces. Those also help protect the device from falls by wrapping around to the corners of the case.


The clear design of this case doesn’t hide the gorgeous design of the Galaxy Note 5, but still retains all the fingerprints.

The completely clear color doesn’t hide the Note 5’s design as well. The one downside to this choice is that it tends to adhere just a bit to the Note’s glass design. Another small drawback is that this case is a fingerprint magnet, however the Note 5 shares the same aspect.

Cutouts for all the various ports are also dead on. Everything from the S-Pen to the microUSB port is easily accessed. The buttons are covered, but they retain their tactile feel.

The buttons on this case remain very tactile despite being covered.

The buttons on this case remain very tactile despite being covered.

The Poetic Affinity is overall a pretty solid option for your Galaxy Note 5. It feels nice and provides fine protection for the phone without adding too much bulk. Retail pricing on this case usually falls around $11.95, but it’s not uncommon to see it on sale for around $11.95.

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