LG V10 Won’t Be Coming to Canada

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LG Canada has said through a reply to Jason Schabler on Facebook that the new V10 isn’t going to be released in Canada. There have been some rumours floating around about this for a few days now, but LG has decided to confirm the news. Jason Schabler asked on Facebook if LG would release the phone before Chrismas and LG had this response soon after.

Hello Jason, Thanks for your excitement and interest in LG and our products! Unfortunately, there aren’t any plans to bring the V10 to Canada. We encourage you to check out some of other amazing phones, like our flagship LG G4. It boasts a highly-reviewed camera, quad-HD screen and offers an incredible visual experience. Thanks again, Anna, LG Canada Social Media Team.

You can see the post here with comments from Anna, and other Facebook users. There have been times before when posts from companies’ social media teams have posted wrong information. An example of this would be when earlier in the year, we saw one of Sony’s Twitter accounts stated that only devices in the Z-series would be updated to Android Lollipop, something that was quickly rewritten as being inaccurate as other models from Sony began to receive the update of software. But due to this being the only answer from LG so far, it is being taken as the company’s official answer unless they change their minds.

Via: Android Authority