Long Overdue 64GB Variant Of The Galaxy S6 Active Finally Released On AT&T

Months after the initail release, Samsung and AT&T are finally releasing a 64GB variant of the Galaxy S6 Active. Previously only available with 32GB of storage, the S6 Active can now handle double the apps, movies, music and more. Pricing comes in at $695, a $100 premium over the 32GB variant. Pricing on AT&T Next will run $23.17 a month.

Why we’re seeing this released so late in the year is a mystery, but nonetheless we’re glad to see it. In our testing, the Galaxy S6 Active proved to be one of Samsung’s strongest releases for 2015 considering it’s tough build and top of the line specifications. Even with the Galaxy S7 right around the corner, the S6 Active could still be a great phone for anyone on AT&T’s network.

Source: AT&T
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