New Emoji Coming To Android Starting With Nexus Devices Next Week

If you’re an avid emoji user you’ve undoubtedly noticed that many emojis sent from iPhone users don’t render correctly on Android devices. Starting next week however that changes. According to Google’s Android SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer, new emoji will be introduced to Android starting with Nexus devices in an OTA update starting next week.

A full OTA is required for new emoji since they are part of the system font. As previously mentioned, Nexus devices will be the first to get this update with OEMs bringing the change later on. Google has shared the required data with OEMs so they can update their devices accordingly, but as we all know that could take some time.

It’s unknown what else might be included in this OTA, rumor has it that it might be 6.0.1, but we just don’t know yet.

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