Nexus 5X Pops Up For Sale In Kuwait With Dual-SIM Capabilities

LG’s Nexus 5X was the first device to ship with Android Marshmallow, but that’s not all it’ll be first with. If information posted by Kuwaiti retailer Xcite is to be believed, the Nexus 5X could be the first Nexus smartphone ever to pack dual-SIM capabilities. Xcite claims to already have the new variant in stock starting at a price of KWD 145 ($477).

The listing shows the same specifications as the standard single-SIM Nexus 5x with the sole change being the addition of two nano SIM slots rather than one. It’s unlikely that this model would be released outside of developing markets, but regardless it’s interesting to see Google and LG release this new variant. Would you be interested in purchasing it?

UPDATE: Xcite has since removed the mention of Dual-SIM.


Via: GSMArena
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