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OnePlus Eliminates Invite System for OnePlus 2 And Temporarily OnePlus X

OnePlus Eliminates Invite System for OnePlus 2 And Temporarily OnePlus X

OnePlus is a company that is known (in)famously for their rather infuriating way of acquiring their phones —  through an invite system. Simply put, in order to buy their devices, which were priced very well considering the specs associated with them, you had to wait to get invited by the company or either someone else who had received an invite. There were also other various contests and (more or less) infuriating ways to gain an invite. That all ends today ….sorta.

In celebration of surviving in our harsh world of technology for 2 years, OnePlus has announced that they are abolishing the invite system, but only for the OnePlus 2 — you know, the flagship killer. So now you can gladly throw your ~$350 to OnePlus without having to wait for them to ask you for your money.

OnePlus also added some more deals to the announcement today. Probably the most important, the OnePlus X will be available without an invite to purchase for 3 days (December 5-7th). A very tempting purchase especially now that you don’t have to wait for an invite. Lastly, accessories are getting some love as well, OnePlus accessories are 90% off while other accessories are 10% off. Finally OnePlus, you alleviated many users pains with buying your devices. Hopefully you’ll see a positive impact on your OnePlus 2 sales with this new change. What do you all think about these announcements?

Source: OnePlus

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