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TYLT Energi Galaxy S6 Battery Case Review

TYLT Energi Galaxy S6 Battery Case Review

The Galaxy S6 is a pretty sweet phone, but it’s got one huge downside, the battery life is nothing short of horrid. Even a day of light use is going to require a bit of charging at some point or another. One easy solution is a battery case, but those aren’t for everyone. They can be thick, remove some features, and they can be irritating to remove. However TYLT has solved this with the Energi battery case for the Galaxy S6.


This case is made up of two layers. One flexible TPU protective case that wraps around your phone. TYLT includes two of these cases in the box, one for the Galaxy S6 and one for the Galaxy S6 Edge. That TPU case simply slides into the battery portion of the case.

The embedded battery comes in at 3,400 mAh and promises to double your battery life. There’s a button on the rear that when pressed shows you how much capacity is left over. One of the best inclusions to this case is the fact that it can be charged wirelessly. This is a huge plus since it means you can easily charge the case with the same charger you use with the phone.

Probably the biggest upside to this case however is the fact that the battery doesn’t always have to be installed. You can simply slide the battery on or off depending on if you actually need it. When you’re not using the battery, you can rest assured your phone will be protected in the TPU case.

One downside I noticed on this case is that it does chip it’s paint fairly easily. A single drop caused a bit of the paint to come off of the battery case. One other downside is the lack of NFC functionality when the case is installed, however that’s an issue with all battery cases.

Overall, TYLT’s Energi battery case is a pretty sweet product. It’s got it’s downsides for sure, but overall this is one of the best battery cases you can get for the Galaxy S6. At $79.99 it’s a bit pricey, but personally I’d say it’s worth it.

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