New Interactive Mobile Ads On Android Will Allow You To Demo Apps & Games Before You Buy

While we all hate ads, sometimes they can show useful info. They might advertise a game or app that sparks your interest, but it might not be the right time to go download it. Google wants to fix that.

Soon ads on Android will have the ability to play a game or test and app for 1 minute without ever downloading them. “Trial Run Ads” as they’re called stream a brief demo of the software that they are advertising. If you like the app or game after that minute, you’ll have the option to download it.


This isn’t a move everyone will love, but it does offer something more than “Hey! Here’s an app you should download that’s distracting you from the game you were just playing”. What are your thoughts? Is this a change you like? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Inside AdWords Via: Android Police
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