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Symphonized NRG Wooden Headphones Review – Are They Worth $25?

Symphonized NRG Wooden Headphones Review – Are They Worth $25?

Music is a big part of most people’s daily life. It doesn’t matter what genre you listen to, as long as you have something that can help you access it. In this case, that would be headphones. There are tons of different types, sizes, and models.

These are the Symphonized NRG Wooden In-Ear Headphones. I’ve been using them pretty often over the past week, and I have to say that I really do like them a lot. The wooden casing on the outside is supposedly there to help with acoustics, giving a nice bright sound. I found that this was definitely the case. They do seem somewhat to be a little bass boosted, but with most headphones these days, that isn’t an uncommon thing.


When you take into account the design, these do not disappoint. The dark wood finish looks beautiful on these headphones. On the back is a metal grill that really accents the design. Even though this is a noise cancelling design, you can still hear the audio through the small metal grills in the headphones. The wire is threaded, meaning tangle resistance and also durability. While this is a good thing, the only problem I have with this is that the threaded wire provides a lot of feedback through the headphones. This means that if you aren’t playing music, then you are hearing the wire being rubbed against clothing or skin and producing an unpleasant noise. This isn’t a huge deal-breaker, though. Make sure that you are listening to music 99% of the time while wearing these.


The wire is long, coming in at 48” or 1.2 meters. I couldn’t decide if this was a hindrance or not, but it seemed more of a problem than an advantage. This is something you’ll just have to deal with if you want these headphones because they do sound pretty amazing.

Sound quality is excellent on this $25 pair of headphones. They get extremely loud and tend to be in the lower-mid range regarding frequency. I enjoyed listening to a plethora of different genres I had on. I did notice that orchestral music and acoustic songs are better for these headphones, mainly because of the wooden body.


Whether you decide to pick these up or not is your decision, but not a huge one considering these only cost $25 and deliver outstanding sound.

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