Turns Out The Moto E 2015 Will Get Android Marshmallow, Just Not In The United States

Motorola has always been committed to Android updates, but with the Moto E 2015 they disappointed us. When revealing their roadmap for Android Marshmallow, the company dropped support for the 2nd release of the Moto E. Motorola received a lot of backlash for not giving support to the device after pledging that they would when the phone was announced. However now a couple months later the company is indeed updating the phone, but not in the United States.

Marshmallow will be pushed to the Moto E 2015 in Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia (excluding China). Motorola’s update page makes no mention of an update in the US, so as of now we’ll have to assume that the company won’t be pushing the update here.

Via: Android Central
  • Alex Strait

    Ben what do think is Motos logic for excluding Moto E 2nd Gen US market from 6.0 Marshmallow? It’s kind of a dick move.

    • No clue, doesn’t make much sense to me to be honest.

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