Chromecast Audio Gets Support For Multi-Room Streaming And Lossless Audio

When Google updated the Chromecast earlier this year, they introduced a brand new product, the Chromecast Audio. This new dongle is designed for one purpose and one purpose only, streaming audio. This product has proven very useful for those who enjoying playing music through their favorite speakers, but today it gets an update to make things even better.

Within this new update, the Chromecast Audio gains support for high-res, lossless audio streaming. This allows the device to playback 96KHz/24bit audio which is higher than CD-quality. Alongside that, the device is also gaining support for streaming in multiple rooms throughout the house. If you’ve got multiple speakers and multiple Chromecast Audio units throughout your home, you’ll be able to stream the same audio across those devices so music can be played through the entire house.

The new update will take place in the background on your device within the next few days, but you’ll need the latest version of the Chromecast application in order to use the functionality.

Source: Google
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