Verizon And Motorola Now Offering Special Edition Star Wars Themed DROID Turbo 2

In celebration of the latest Star Wars movie being released just one week from today, Verizon and Motorola are giving the DROID name a new meaning with special edition DROID Turbo 2 designs based on characters from the Star Wars universe. Starting today you’ll be able to get one of these new designs at no extra charge.

These new designs are based on new characters for the most part. You’ll be able to pick from BB-8, Poe Dameron, Rey, a First Order Stormtrooper, and Kylo Ren. Pricing remains the same at $26 per month for the base model or $30 per month for the upgraded 64GB model with a free design refresh. Now do keep in mind that you can of course create these same designs using MotoMaker, the only unique things about these designs is that they come with a wallpaper to match the design out of the box. Those wallpapers will also be available through Google Play soon.

Source: Verizon
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