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Get A Free Best Buy Gift Card If You Use Android Pay Through December 31st

Get A Free Best Buy Gift Card If You Use Android Pay Through December 31st

It’s looking like Google is really starting to push and promote Android Pay as a very useful form of payment. Already this week Google has enabled its use in apps for purchases, last month they gave profits to charity for using Android Pay, and now they are doing a promotion for using the service.

Starting now, until the last day of the year (or until supplies last of course), when you first use Android Pay, you’ll be gifted a $20 e-gift card to Best Buy. There are a couple of caveats of course for this promotion. First you’ll have to have a Nexus device (from Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 5X, or 6P) and you have to be in the US. After that, once you use it, you’ll be automatically gifted the card either within a few days but it may take until January 31, 2016.

This looks to be a good way to show the world, or at least the country, how popular Android Pay (and NFC payments in general) are and can be. Also, you get to grab some free money as well, which can help with some holiday shopping — or after holiday shopping. Thanks Google!

Source: Google

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