Three Challengers Announced As Final Super Smash Bros. DLC Fighters

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It’s been a pretty good year for Smash fans. Amiibo fiascos aside, we’ve seen returning characters as well as the somewhat unexpected appearance of Ryu from Street Fighter. Still, before today we haven’t seen the results of the Smash Ballot, elaboration on a fighter revealed in a previous Nintendo Direct, or if there will be any more fighters. It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve got characters for all three.

CorrinFirst off, the Final Smash Presentation opens up with a trailer for a brand new fighter. Corrin, the main character of Fire Emblem Fates, will be joining the roster and that includes both the male and female variants.

Now, before you groan and say, “Oh, great. Another Fire Emblem swordfighter…” Corrin looks to be on par with Robin as far as uniqueness in his/her moveset. Being infused with dragon blood, Corrin can use a variety of transformation attacks with pretty unique traits.

Corrin BattleSome examples are Dragon Fang Shot (a chargeable projectile attack that can launch enemies when used up close) and Dragon Lunge (a downward thrust that can anchor Corrin into the ground for a follow-up attack and pin enemies). Unfortunately, we aren’t getting a new stage for Corrin, but the original and a remixed version of Fire Emblem Fates’ main theme will be added to each Fire Emblem stage.

CloudNext up, we’ve got the previously announced Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. His moveset is what you expect for a swordfighter, but his special moves are more interesting. The most interesting to me is the fact that Cloud’s Limit Break won’t just function like Little Mac’s KO Meter. Your Limit Gauge fills as you receive and deal damage, but it can also be filled by using Down Special.

Cloud Limit BreakLimit Break modifies Cloud’s Special Attacks. His Standard Special, Blade Beam, is a long-distance horizontal wave and the Limit Break version adds a combo hit with a stronger launch. His Side Special, Cross Slash, can dish out multiple hits by repeatedly tapping the button, and the Limit Break version deals more damage with a stronger launch. His Up Special, Climhazzard, is a vertical recovery move that goes up on the first button tap and down on the second, and the Limit Break version gives you greater height. Finally, performing Down Special with Limit Break uses Finishing Touch. This move only does 1% damage, but has ridiculous launch potential.

MidgarWith Cloud comes a new stage, Midgar. The layout is the same as your typical Battlefield-style stage, but the Summon Materia item brings some heavy modifiers with 5 Summons. Ifrit causes a flame pillar to appear from offscreen that damages opponents and can be potent enough to tilt the stage. Ramuh manipulates the floating platforms by charging them with damaging electricity or moving them around. Odin splits the stage in two to leave a gap for falling and for instantly KOing players that get stuck when the stage comes back together. Leviathan causes floodwaters to fill up around the stage that can drag players under. Lastly, Bahamut ZERO fires an area-of-effect beam that takes time to arrive on the stage from the background.

BayonettaAnd finally, the result of the Smash Ballot will be our final Smash Bros. DLC character. Cutting out the obvious characters that were never going to make it in (that means you, Goku), the result is Bayonetta.

Out of the three, Bayonetta seems the most refreshing. It’s not just because she isn’t a sword character or that she seems like such an obvious addition, but rather her gameplay style looks downright unique and interesting. If there was one word to describe her moveset, it would be combos.

Bayo ComboLike the games of her namesake, Bayonetta’s moveset is built for combos, something that’s lacking in a lot of the Smash Bros. cast. Her normal attacks can be ended with gunplay flourishes by holding down the Attack button, and her special moves are tuned for launching enemies and keeping in close.

Her Down Special, Witch Time, is a unique spin on the counter system. Instead of countering with a direct attack, Witch Time slows down the movement speed of the opponent and allows you to set up you finishing attacks. The more damage the opponent has, the longer they stay slowed down.

Bayo StageBayonetta’s default costume is from Bayonetta 2, but she also has the first game’s costume as an alternate. Bayonetta will also be coming with her own stage, based on the infamous opening scene from Bayonetta, Umbra Clock Tower. It functions as a flat platform, but moving platforms can also fly across the stage at any time. The stage will also transition aesthetically between the real world and Purgatorio. In Purgatorio, you’ll see many angels from Bayonetta, including Inspired and Fortitudo.

As of right now, only Cloud and his Midgar stage are available to purchase. Corrin and Bayonetta are targeting a February 2016 release window. As with the other Smash Fighters, amiibo are in development for all three.

If my Internet connection holds up, I hope I’ll be playing around with Cloud as soon as possible. In the meantime, I’ll be eagerly anticipating both Corrin and Bayonetta. It’s a bittersweet moment to see the last of the DLC characters coming to Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, but at least it’ll be going out with a bang.

Source: Nintendo on YouTube