This image shows the watches and their companion apps, ready for the VS challenge.

A Week Comparing The Original Pebble With Timeline And The 1st Gen Moto 360

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With the Timeline OS rolling out to the Original Pebble and Pebble Steel, I thought it best suit to test the 1st Gen Moto 360 against the retro Pebble in a VS challenge for a week. The challenge was to see which watch was better for daily life. I wasn’t very convinced that the Pebble would do good because I replaced it with a Moto 360 for a reason, but the update was actually quite good and changed the experience of the Pebble.

Follow me through one week of vigorous testing in this VS challenge between an old Pebble, and a new Moto 360.

To make for an easier read and so that each day can be tracked, the week has been split into multiple pages. A page per day. You will find the next and previous buttons to navigate with.

On the final page you can download both the watchfaces you can see in the header image.

Day 1- Sunday

The first day of wearing both watches was a Sunday. I don’t really do much on a Sunday so it wasn’t an eventful day to test the watches on.

I went out in the morning and so having the watches helped me see the notifications from my phone very easily, but I must say that I prefer the Moto 360’s notifications. This is because the screen is slightly bigger so the text is easier to read, is in colour, and the notifications are easier to dismiss with just a swipe instead of multiple button presses. I had linked both watches to Google Fit to see my steps and activity, and the Moto 360 seemed a lot more accurate at counting steps. With the Pebble I could pretty much just tap the screen and I had done a step, whereas with the Moto 360 it was a less sensitive and therefore a lot more accurate.

In the afternoon I watched a film. Both watches had ways to disable me receiving any notifications until I give the “All clear”. On the Moto 360 this was ‘Cinema Mode’, and on the Pebble it was ‘Quiet Time’.

Throughout the day the Pebble was quite slow, and occasionally I would get the odd vibration for no apparent reason, as well as a loading sign replace the screen for a second every now and again. This caused no disconnections or major problems, but it was a bit of a pain! I didn’t use either watches to track eating or drinking which is possible on both watches, because I don’t really find it necessary nor do I find it useful.

Finally, I didn’t use either for sleep tracking. On the Moto 360 this was due to the shorter battery life than the Pebble. I would have quite happily used the Pebble for the sleep tracking were it not for the fact that it’s fairly uncomfortable.

Today I’d probably have to say that I prefer the Moto 360.