Quick Hands On With CHOETECH’s USB C To USB A Cable

1 min read

USB C is slowly rising in popularity, but one of the things that may delay it’s growth is the many cables that are out of spec. Google Engineer Benson Leung has been making it his goal to point out what cables are not compliant and which are over on Amazon, and we’ve been doing the same. Over the past couple of days I’ve been testing out CHOETECH’s USB C to USB A cable.

This $7 cable is one of the cheaper options out there and thankfully, it’s completely safe to use with your USB C devices. This cable is 3.3ft is length and it is capable of transferring data over USB 2.0. Of course as just a cable, there’s not really all that much to talk about. It’s built well, it seems very durable, and I enjoy using it on my Nexus 6P. I will likely be use this to replace the official Google cable I’ve been using in my car.

This cable checks out with the CheckR app.
This cable checks out with the CheckR app.

If you’re interested in picking it up, you can do so at the link below.

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