One of the biggest changes T-Mobile has made in the past few years is their new ‘Binge On’ program. This new service allows most of their subscribers to stream all the content they want from select videos services without it counting against their high speed data cap. To accomplish this T-Mobile restricts streaming to 480p at maximum, a worthy sacrifice if you ask me. While most video services are part of the program, some are not, most notably YouTube. YouTube is now claiming that T-Mobile isn’t just throttling services that are part of ‘Binge On’, but rather all of them.

The Wall Street Journal has stated that YouTube has launched a complaint against T-Mobile stating that the carrier is throttling all video data streamed over their network, including YouTube. So what’s the problem here? Since YouTube isn’t part of the program, customers will have the data used to stream that service counted against their data cap, but it will still be of a reduced quality.


T-Mobile has yet to explain exactly what’s going on here, aside from John Legere highlighting on his Twitter account just how much customers love ‘Binge On’.

Within the fine print for ‘Binge On’, T-Mobile does touch on the subject of services that are not part of the program, but the specifics aren’t, well, specific. YouTube has stated that part of the problems stems from the fact that the service is turned on by default on all post-paid T-Mobile accounts.

Not long ago the FCC asked T-Mobile to give further explanation on exactly how ‘Binge On’ works, so we can only hope we’ll get better answers in the not too distant future.

Many T-Mobile customers are reporting that their video quality has been reduced in the past few days which only helps confirm YouTube’s claims. If you’d like to turn off the feature in order to stream at full resolution, you can do so by heading into the media settings within your T-Mobile profile.

Source: Wall Street Journal VIa: Android Police