The Beatles Coming To Google Play, Apple Music, And More Tomorrow

It seems as though times are changing for streaming music services. With the likes as Jay Z’s Tidal popping up this year and T-Swizzle (Taylor Swift) slamming Spotify, streaming music services that are available now are going through some unique times. In a positive note for this holiday season, it looks as though The Beatles will be available to stream across several services starting tomorrow, December 24th.

For the first time ever you’ll be able to listen/stream The Beatles catalogue of songs from Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Slacker, and Tidal — surprised some of those are still around. Now, I don’t particularly care for the Beatles, *ducks*, but I know that there are many people out there that can’t wait to listen to ‘Ticket to Ride’, ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’, and ‘A Day in the Life’.

Starting 12:01am December 24th, load up your favorite music service and you’ll be able to stream the music of the UK Supergroup. Now how’s that for a Christmas gift?

Via: The Beatles
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