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1byOne Smart Desk Lamp – Brighten Your Setup With The Touch Of A Button

1byOne Smart Desk Lamp – Brighten Your Setup With The Touch Of A Button

Technology is obviously finding it’s way into everything we use. The way it works and how efficient it is plays a big role into it. One of the ways this is being done is the 1byone Infinity Glow desk lamp.

The InfinityGlow desk lamp is a cool little device. It’s a lamp packed with LED’s inside to give off a nice glow. That’s the usual with any desk lamp. But what sets this one apart is the fact that it has soft-touch capabilities. There is a soft-touch power button and then six power settings that can be adjusted with the slide of your finger. You can also change color temperature so you won’t hurt your eyes. Suppose you are reading a book, you can change the temperature to an orange glow to relax your eyes.


According to 1byone, a 3 hour charge lets you use the lamp for a full 30 hours. I haven’t had to charge it yet and I’ve used it a good few times. The base is made or a soft rubber material that bends to really any shape. You can set it anywhere from a 20 degree angle to about 90 degrees without it falling backward.


The point is that the Infinity Glow lamp looks really cool and acts as a good option if you want a modern looking lamp that can be charged via micro-USB and last for a good while. I’m not entirely sure it’s worth the $50 price tag, but i would recommend it if it came down in price.

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