HTC Isn’t Ever Going To Disappear Says CEO Cher Wang, Big 2016 Plans

2015 has been a struggle for HTC, and that’s putting it lightly. For 2016 they desperately need a hit, especially considering many analysts are predicting the company’s demise over the next few years. Cher Wang, HTC’s CEO, on the other hand has another idea. She has recently said that the company isn’t ever going to disappear and they will continue on in the smartphone market.

Wang admitted in June that the One M9 was certainly not a success and that the company needed an overhaul. She has said that 2016 will be a big year for the company. US customers can expect just one major device, the One M10. There’s nothing really known about this upcoming device but hopefully the company has improved on their past mistakes.

Other products for the year could include budget devices for other market, mid-range smartphones like the HTC One A9, and of course the HTC Vive which will be released in April.

Source: Focus Taiwan
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