Heads Up Developers! Starting With Android N, Google Is Switching To OpenJDK

Android N is coming late next year and with all the other expected improvements, Google has confirmed that they will be switching to Oracle’s open source Java Development Kit. This is a big change from the proprietary JDK which Google currently uses for Java APIs in Android development. Google is making this change since Android after all is an open source operating system, so it just makes sense.

For everyone here who isn’t a developer, myself included), this isn’t going to have any noticeable effect on how we use Android. It’s all going to be a change in the backend, so it’ll mainly change how developers create their apps.

It’s worth noting that Google and Oracle (creators of Java) have had an ongoing dispute over the programming language for a while now, so moving to OpenJDK could be Google’s “easy” way out of it.

Via: Droid-Life
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