Huawei Announces New Elegant and Jewel Designs to Their Android Wear Watches

The original Huawei Watch is arguably one of the best designed Android Wear devices released to date, and they are proud of that. Yet, Huawei knows that one style isn’t for everybody so they are expanding their watch portfolio by adding 2 more designs to the series: Elegant and Jewel.

The Elegant and Jewel design are still going to largely feature some of the same design choices that the original series does, but each extra variant will offer something new. The Elegant design will feature a unique top-ring design on a rose-gold plated body. Jewel will feature 68 Swarovski Zirconia encircling the face of the watch. Each of the new design will also have their own exclusive watch-faces to pair with their respective designs. The rest of the specs will, again, match the original series.

We weren’t told how much the new design will start at as far as price, but they are expected to be available in this first quarter of 2016. Anyone out there looking to grab this new series of Huawei Watch? I wonder if I could pass off grabbing the Elegant design….

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