Hyper and Satechi Create the Most Important Accessory for Your Macbook

We can all agree that while the new Macbook (2015) is a gorgeous piece of tech, but with it’s single port, especially being a USB type-C port, is its single-most downfall. Apple adds somewhat of a solution of this with their $80 USB C hub, which includes another USB C port, a USB 3.0 port, and a A/V (either HDMI or VGA) port. This year at CES both Satechi and Hyper decided to offer a better solution to the problem that Apple created.

Both companies have created a 5-in-1 USB C hub that houses another USB C port, two USB 3.0 ports, a microSD card slot, and a standard SD card slot. They attach to the left side of your macbook in a very seemless way and they allow for all your ports to be easily accessible. Lastly, both companies have presented their hubs in all three colors that the Macbook comes in: Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.


Satechi’s hub is available on Amazon now for $40, while Hyper’s hub is available on their store-site  for $50 — I don’t know why there’s a $10 price difference, guess that’ll affect sales. These hubs easily and quickly change the more lightweight-focused Macbook into a more productive computer. Go and grab these hubs online now!

Amazon: Satechi Via: Hyper
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