Blackberry Will No Longer Make Their Own OS, Android Only From This Point Forward

Blackberry has had a rough past few years but late last year, the company announced the phone that might help save them, the Blackberry Priv. As the company’s first Android-powered smartphone we knew it would definitely affect the company, but now it’s been revealed that the company is no longer making their own OS at all. CEO John Chen told CNET in an interview that Blackberry would not be using their own OS on any of their smartphones released in 2016.

This change of course makes sense as most developers have either paid very little attention, if any at all, to the platform. With the huge number of Android applications currently available, using Android could really help save the company. During 2016 the company will release at least one new product, clearly running Android. Will you miss Blackberry’s platform? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: CNET
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