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Hands-On With Casio’s New Android Wear Smartwatch

Hands-On With Casio’s New Android Wear Smartwatch

Just yesterday Casio announced their first smartwatch, the WSD-F10. This new Android Wear device is aimed at those who are constantly outdoors and need a watch to match. Tonight we’ve gotten a chance to check it out in person on the show floor at CES 2016. This new smartwatch is not small by any means, in fact it’s easily the biggest smartwatch on the market today, maybe matched by the Tag Heuer Connected. In person it feels every bit as big as it looks, but it’s built like a tank. With military spec durability and water resistance up to 50 meters, it certainly deserves to be called an outdoor watch.

The watch is also packed with sensors. There’s pressure sensors, solar radiation, altitude, and temperture sensors built in to the watch. You can easily access any of them by pressing the “tool” button on the right side of the watch.

A couple notes to make as well, the models shown off at CES were running Android 6.0.1, but it’s unclear if the device has a speaker, although it’s fairly unlikely. There’s also a unique charging method using a magnetic attachment that connects to the watch. The port is visible at all times, but it blends in well to the rugged design of the device.

Casio will begin selling the WSD-F10 this April for $499. Are you interested in picking it up?

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