Sprint Is The Last Carrier To End 2-Year Contracts… Sort Of

Aaaaaaand it looks like the last major shoe has fallen. Thanks to some internal documents from one of Android Central’s Sprint tipsters, we can see that the 4th biggest carrier in the US has finally stopped with 2-year contracts on smartphones. AT&T already announced plans for their contracts to end tomorrow, January 8th, and Verizon and T-Mobile have long since stopped.

In the image below you will see that it states new customer will only have the option to lease or use Easy Pay to pay for phones over time. Now this doesn’t affect tablets, and it doesn’t seem to affect you if you’re upgrading and staying on the same plan (gathered from the ‘reactive basis’). It is a step in the non-contract direction nonetheless.


With prepaid plans on the rise, the war between carriers and prepaid offerings are sure to heat up. Sprint may finally be ending contracts, but there will forever be ways to get the phone you want without tying yourself to a lease or paying a boatload of money outright.

Via: Android Central
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