All Moto Devices Will Bring Fingerprint Sensors & 5-Inch+ Displays In 2016 According To Lenovo

According to Lenovo’s SVP, Chen Xudong, 2016’s lineup of Moto devices should bring some great changes. Most notably, every Moto device released will have a built in fingerprint sensor. This is a pretty big change from 2015 where none of Motorola’s smartphones, even their flagship, the Moto X Pure Edition, housed the feature. It’s fairly safe to assume that we’ll see a similar lineup this year including two budget devices, a mid-range, and a flaghip, so it’ll be great to see fingerprint sensors in all of them.

Xudong also confirmed that there wouldn’t be any smaller Moto devices in 2016. Rather, every device will have a screen size of 5″ or more. While there will be a collection of users who won’t be happy to hear that, it does make sense to kill off the smaller displays as more and more consumers embrace larger displays on their smartphones.

Via: Phandroid
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