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Here’s Every Android App That Uses Your Fingerprint Sensor

Here’s Every Android App That Uses Your Fingerprint Sensor

With Nexus Imprint being one of the new features on Nexus devices, Samsung having fingerprint sensors on all their flagships, and Motorola promising that all their flagship devices coming out this year will include fingerprint sensors, it’s clear to know that using your finger to unlock content is the next frontier. The next question, of course, is: What apps and services are taking advantage of the increasing popularity of this technology?

While we all know that we can unlock our devices, use it for contactless payments, and for light configuration of apps, redditor /u/nekorocket took to creating a community-editable spreadsheet that lists current apps that use fingerprint technology for whatever purpose. The list includes Google Apps such as: Play Store and Android Pay, and also has other apps across many categories including: Mint Bills, Focus, Evolve SMS, and Applock. There’s even a handy form that you can submit new apps onto the list for whenever they include fingerprint-enabled features — thanks, /u/Anibaaal.

Below is a list of apps that support the fingerprint sensor on your Android smartphone. The link below also has a constantly updated list. Does this help you make the decision on whether or not to buy a device with a built in fingerprint sensor? What’s your favorite app that has the technology, and which app do you wish had it?

Via: Reddit

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