Google’s Pixel C Actually Uses A Chrome OS Boot Image, Not Android

For a while now there’s been a rumor going around the Pixel C was never meant to be an Android tablet, rather the first Chrome OS tablet. Ron Amadeo from ArsTechnica was the first to bring to light the fact that this might have been the case. However now XDA user cheep5k8 has revealed a interesting fact about the tablet, it uses a Chrome OS Boot Image.

What I also found out is that the boot image for the Pixel C is NOT an Android boot image (!), but a ChromeOS one. This puts a lot of things in doubt, for example I am not sure if systemless SuperSU can handle this.

The developer is busy trying to get SuperSU working on the Pixel C, but the interesting thing to note is that the tablet uses a Chrome OS Boot Image, yet uses Android as its operating system. It’s unclear how this actually works, but in theory it could mean that Chrome OS and Android have become a lot closer than any of us realized. We’ll undoubtedly begin learning more about this as time goes on, perhaps even learning more at Google I/O 2016 this May.

Via: Chrome Story Source: XDA
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