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Sony Announces A New Pink Xperia Z5 Variant

Sony Announces A New Pink Xperia Z5 Variant

Rose Gold has been a pretty popular color for many smartphone manufacturers lately, but let’s be honest, all of those are pink. Sony on the other hand is pretty honest about it, announcing a new pink color variant of their current flagship, the Xperia Z5. This new “warm, sophisticated pink” was created by designer Rikke Gertsen Constein who used influences from nature in order to pick out this specific shade.


The new color is certainly softer than what we’ve seen from other OEMs and, at least in my opinion, looks pretty good. Under the hood everything is the same on this new model from the specs to the pricing. We don’t know exactly where this new variant will go on sale, but it’s likely it’ll land in the same regions as the standard Xperia Z5. Are you interested in picking it up?


Source: Sony

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