Android Pay Rewards Are Showing Up For Some Users, Offering A Free Chromecast And More

android pay

Some Android Pay users have been reporting that a new promotion is currently rolling out to their devices. Tap 10 offers up free songs and even a free Chromecast just for using Android Pay 10 times. Just use the service in store and you’re one step closer to your free rewards. As far as we can tell the promotion is currently live and is simply rolling out to users slowly. The promotion is live until February 29th and it looks like users will gain rewards as they go along.

It’s unclear when this promotion will hit everyone’s devices, but it should be fairly soon. Details are a bit unclear on what devices are eligible for this promotion, but from what we can tell it’s for any Android Pay device. What we can confirm is that this is US only, sadly.

Android Pay Tap 10 Terms And Conditions Via: +James M Via: +Marlon Jones
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