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Check Out ‘AppLock’, Secure Your Apps with your Fingerprint

Check Out ‘AppLock’, Secure Your Apps with your Fingerprint

Last week I wrote about the list of Android apps that allowed you to interact with them using your fingerprint sensor, and that list has grown since. After that list I went on a quest to find an app that will let me lock down my apps so that I can only open them with my fingerprint sensor. I found a few, but one of my personal favorites is recently created AppLock.

One of the main reasons I like AppLock is that it’s so simple, there’s not too many features or settings to work with as there are in other apps. Plain and simple, this app lets you (un)lock any app you have with your fingerprint — and only your fingerprint.

The app first asks for permissions (in Marshmallow) to draw over apps and control your device, and then asks you to register your fingerprint once and then that’s it. It gives you a list of all your apps that you can turn on and off to be locked. There’s also just one other option to temporarily unlock all apps until you turn it back on. That’s it.

If you have a fingerprint sensor, I’d definitely give this app a shot, but be warned there’s no other security options (such as pin or pattern) to fall back on — just in case you lose your finger or something…. Unfortunately there are also ads with no visible way to pay for them to go away.

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