Nearly 1/3 Of Android Users Don’t Use A Secure Lockscreen, Do You?

A new study by two-factor authentication firm Duo Security has revealed some interesting details regarding how Android users treat security on their smartphones. Believe it or not, just a mere 1/3 of Android users actually use a secured lockscreen on their device. Now this could be a PIN, Password, or even a Pattern, but according to the report a good number of users don’t use any of those available options.

For comparison’s sake, users of Apple’s iOS use a PIN for the most part with only 1 in 20 users not using the feature.

The exact reason for why this is the case is unclear. It could be as simple as personal preference. Seeing to that, do you use a secure lockscreen on your smartphone? Whether it’s an Android device, an iPhone, or any other platform, do you secure it? We’re curious to know!

Do you use a secure lockscreen on your mobile device?

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