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The CDMA Verison Of The Nextbit Robin Has Been Delayed By A Few Months

The CDMA Verison Of The Nextbit Robin Has Been Delayed By A Few Months

After confirming that early backers of the Nextbit Robin would be receiving their phones next month, Nextbit has come out to say that the CDMA variant has been delayed. This Verizon/Sprint compatible version of the Robin was due to ship next month, but now the company is saying that April is a safer estimate. No dates are set in stone at this time since there are a “number of factors outside [their] control”.

The CDMA version of the Nextbit Robin was originally not planned, but due to overwhelming demand, the company decided to undergo the process of creating the variant  and testing and receiving certification on Verizon’s network for the Robin.

Nextbit has sent the message below to backers of the device to ease their frustrations, at least a little.

You want the future to be here already. You want your Robin today. We feel the same way. We know CDMA backers want to know when their Robins will arrive. We wanted to wait until we could give you an exact date, but we can’t wait anymore.

The CDMA Robin wasn’t in development until we saw your response on Kickstarter, and we got a little carried away in the excitement of the campaign. When we estimated we would deliver CDMA Robin in February, we were being optimistic. Now that we’ve gone through development and are working out the testing schedule, we think April is more realistic. We don’t know exactly when in April as there are still a number of factors outside our control. We will keep you up to date, as we get more and more information.

We know this isn’t the type of news you want to hear and we’re sorry. We’d love to tell you all the Robins would ship in February like we planned, or at least give you an exact date. Stay true, Rebels. We are gonna do this.

Via: Droid-Life Source: Kickstarter

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