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Facebook’s New Like Buttons To Launch In The Coming Weeks

Facebook’s New Like Buttons To Launch In The Coming Weeks

Mega social media company Facebook has been hoping to replace their signature ‘Like’ button for quite a few years now. That idea is looking like it will be included into Facebook soon with a new set of emojis joining the existing thumbs up in Facebook’s new Like buttons.

Not too long ago (in October 2015), the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, gave us a sneak peek at what could be featured in an update as Facebook’s new Like buttons alternatives. Facebook is looking to call these Reactions.

Reactions (the new alternatives), are going to be thought of as a more expressive Like button. The Reactions will allow users of Facebook to express their precise feelings at that moment and about that post. There will be a number of different emotions featured. These will include: love, awe, humour, sadness and more, instead of only being able to use the current thumbs up.


Facebook has been testing Reactions for a few months now, and it looks like they’ll soon be rolling out to users in the US. According to what Facebook tells Bloomberg, we can expect to see a full roll out of the new feature “within the next few weeks”.

The social networking site isn’t going to rush into things for a reason. The reason is that Facebook’s Like button has been a very big tool for a long time, in the way that many users express themselves online. The company isn’t going to take a chance of messing that up.

Many people over the recent years have been requesting a Dislike button to be added to Facebook alongside the existing Like button. Zuckerberg (Facebook’s CEO) claimed that would make things too negative for the site. Also, by adding a Dislike button Facebook would be familiarising themselves with Reddit. Reddit uses an up-vote and down-vote structure instead of liking or disliking. It wouldn;t be ideal for Facebook to be similar to their competitors, which is why they create Reactions.

“We roll things out very carefully,” said Chris Cox, the social network’s head product officer. “And that comes from a lot of lessons learned.” Cox says the data he has looks promising, and that users will likely accept Reactions to the Facebook environment happily and as a good, and advantageous improvement which brings change to the way users use Facebook.

Via: Android Authority Via: Bloomberg

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