TheOUTlet Is A Permanent Solution To Your Power Needs, Funding On Kickstarter Now

With the number of electronic devices we use every day, it can be tough to find enough plugs. There are dozens of solutions from charging stations to something as simple as a powerstrip, but those aren’t always the best solution in terms of looks.

Kickstarter user Eric Forti hopes to get rid of the need of extension leads by creating an output socket that can be easily installed in your wall. This new outlet socket dubbed theOUTlet will double the amount of plug socket spaces in your outlet pad in the wall, by creating a extender built in.

Today’s solutions for this problem are to rewire your home, hire an electrician to install more outlets, cut sheet-rock, spackle and paint, use bulky solutions like power strips, or unplug and re-plug constantly. These are just mediocre solutions that we’ve all come to accept.

Not anymore! Now in just 5 minutes you can install theOUTlet and always have extra outlets at your fingertips. theOUTlet can double or even triple the number of outlets in your home; hidden until you need them. Open the Possibilities…

This shows theOUTlet in use and how it works.

This shows theOUTlet in use and how it works.

theOUTlet can be installed and used anywhere in the home, and will give use to the everyday person in the home. You can follow the progress of the project at the link below.

Via: Kickstarter
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