Let’s just cut to the chase and say that you can now go to OnePlus.net and order a OnePlus X without having to have an invite. This is great as the OnePlus X was only just announced 3 months ago. The original OnePlus One took a year to become invite-free, and the OnePlus Two took about 4 months to achieve free status. Let’s hope the next iteration will come even quicker.

If you don’t really know the OnePlus X (due to the crazy buying restrictions) the main specs of the device are: 1080p 5” AMOLED display, Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GBs of RAM, 16GBs of storage that is expandable, and a 13/8MP camera combo. Now without an invite you can go throw your $250 at OnePlus anytime you want.

We’re extremely excited to be making the OnePlus X invite-free more quickly this time around. With every device we release, we grow more mature and more adept at handling the demands and expectations of our community. We largely owe our success to your unrelenting support, so we hope that this development will make the process of purchasing your very own OnePlus X as smooth and effortless as it can possibly be.

Along with announcing the new change in their latest device, OnePlus also stated news of a sale and some products’ price changes. Also starting today, certain cases for the OnePlus Two and OnePlus X are 20% off. Unfortunately though, since manufacturing and selling external battery packs for the company was at a loss, the company will be increasing the price by $5 (and similar increases for other countries).

So if you’ve been thinking about buying the OnePlus X which, in my opinion, is one of the better budget options for phones nowadays, now is the time to add it to the list of possibilities. I know I’ll be seeing how much extra money I have lying around…

Via: OnePlus