Dirty Unicorns Presents DU Certified To Help Themers And Theme Users

In the Jelly Bean days, the three most popular ROMs were CyanogenMod, AOKP and Paranoid Android. In fact, it seems most other ROMs back then were mashups containing features from all three. Unlike those hybrids, Dirty Unicorns started as an advancement built off of AOKP alone. When KitKat hit and OmniROM was created by some high-profile former CyanogenMod developers, Dirty Unicorns switched bases and became an advancement of OmniROM. In the Lollipop era, Dirty Unicorns continued to grow in popularity and in features, so that one could argue it’s as widely used as AOKP was in its heyday. Nowadays it’s based straight on the latest AOSP build rather than being a derivative of any other ROM, and it’s one of the most popular ROMs in the rooted community.

With its increasing popularity and use of the CyanogenMod Theme Engine, Dirty Unicorns has branched out to showcasing CMTE themes that meet certain criteria to become “DU Certified”. Users of the latest Dirty Unicorns builds can find “DU Certified” themes using the showcase app recently published in the Play Store. In it you’ll find apps that meet the following criteria:

  • Settings must be fully themed to include Dirty Tweaks, the settings hub for all Dirty Unicorns features.
  • Quick Settings must be fully themed (I don’t remember having seen a CMTE theme that neglects Quick Settings, but apparently they’re out there).
  • Taken directly from the app: “No same color text on same color background” (more on that later).
  • Themes must not cause force-closes or screen tearing (I’ve used themes that have caused force-closes before – not a pleasant experience).

Below you can see how the app looks on a Nexus 6 running Dirty Unicorns…

What if you don’t have Dirty Unicorns on your device? As long as you have a Marshmallow ROM with the CyanogenMod Theme Engine you can benefit from the app. For example, as the above screenshot indicates, themes have to be free of dark-on-dark or light-on-light text issues throughout the UI. You benefit from the Dirty Unicorns team having gone through the legwork for you in finding themes for which the text will always be legible.

If you’re running Dirty Unicorns or any other Marshmallow ROM with the CyanogenMod Theme Engine, you can get the DU Certified app for free from the Play Store. Please feel free to let us know what you think of the app in the comments below!

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