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The Kerv Ring Allows For Easy Mobile Payments

The Kerv Ring Allows For Easy Mobile Payments

Kerv is a ring. A normal ring that sits on your finger. Except it does a whole lot more. The Kerv ring is mainly an NFC payment ring, but with NFC it has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve such as being able to take you to a website, be used for the Tube, unlock NFC locks, and probably a few more things in the future.

“Carrying a wallet or a purse can sometimes be impractical, uncomfortable or just downright risky. Ask joggers and cyclists. Or surfers and sunbathers. Or clubbers and festival folk … or even naturists – because you don’t get many pockets in a birthday suit. So we made Kerv, the world’s first contactless payments ring. Now you can leave your wallets, purses, phones and smartwatches at home and still pay for stuff … with a single gesture.”

Philip Campbell- Founder of Kerv

Kerv is a sleekly designed ring with a hypo-allergenic, lightweight, and scratch-resistant substance called zirconia technical ceramic. On the inside, Kerv is finished with a gorgeously lustrous, inert hard resin, forming a waterproof seal over the electronic components. The resin is contoured in a “comfort fit” profile, which means you can wear Kerv all day, every day and you’ll barely notice it’s there.


The Kerv ring will be available in many sizes for all genders, so you’ll definitely find a Kerv just for you! There is a large variety of colours to choose from, varying from light to dark colours with different colours for the inside and the outside of the ring.

Kerv has been designed to only make a payment within a very small radius of a contactless reader, to avoid any unintended transfer of data or funds. Transactions with Kerv over the contactless payments network are just as secure as using Chip & PIN. Your purchase data is always encrypted and because Kerv never leaves your finger, the risk of cloning or theft is significantly reduced. Your online Kerv account is super-secure, and provides you with all the tools you need to add further layers of security to your transactions. You can switch your rings or cards on and off manually – or automatically with timers – and you can easily control the types of retailers at which Kerv can and can’t be used. Your account also lets you set transaction alerts and balance updates, so you’ll always be on top of your account activity.

The Kerv account powers everything. You load it up online, and your rings and prepaid cards draw funds from it – all plumbed-in to the same online account. It works just like a bank account, but you can only spend what you’ve put in, so there are no nasty overdraft fees and no risk of debt. Setting up auto top-up makes life a lot easier all round, and saves any awkwardness at the checkout if your funds run low.

The Kerv will work better than mobile payments because all the information is stored internally on the ring so you only need the ring with you to make the payments.

When I spoke to Philip, he told me that they are quite far down the production line, and that they should hopefully start sending out the rings to Kickstarter backers in mid to late February, with them being released to the public in about mid March.

Via: Kickstarter

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