It’s Been 4 Months And Android Marshmallow Is Only On 1.2% Of Devices

Google has updated the Android distribution numbers for the month of February. The numbers don’t show much change from January, but after 4 months the least impressive thing is the adoption of Android Marshmallow, sitting at just 1.2%.

That jumps up 0.7% from last month, but regardless that’s a pretty disappointing adoption rate. In fact, the slowest ever in the history of Android as a platform. Every other version of the platform is dropping slowly, as they should be.


The real question however is why is Marshmallow growing so slowly? Developer images have been available since May 2015, so it makes little sense why so few devices have seen this important update. Of course a huge part of this is delays from OEMs and carriers. Hopefully 2016’s releases such as the Galaxy S7, HTC One M10, and LG G5 will help increase that percentage along with further updates on current devices.

Via: Droid-Life
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