Microsoft To Acquire Swiftkey For $250 Million? [UPDATE: It’s Official]

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A report out of The Financial Times last night claims that Microsoft is preparing to acquire Swiftkey, the makers of one of the most popular 3rd party keyboards on Android. The keyboard has been around since the early days of Android and even licensed to be pre-installed on various smartphones over the past few years.

The report claims that Microsoft is looking to pay around $250 million to acquire the company.

This wouldn’t be the first popular app that Microsoft has gotten its hands on in the past couple of years with Wunderlist, Sunrise Calendar, and Accompli all falling under their roof. The report claims that Microsoft is interested in Swiftkey due to the artificial intelligence that it uses in order to predict what a user may be typing next.

It’s unknown what Microsoft is planning to do with Swiftkey or if they’ve actually succeeded in acquiring it, so we’ll just have to wait an see what happens.

UPDATE: A couple hours after publishing this story Microsoft made a post on their official blog to confirm the news. The company has indeed purchased SwiftKey. From the looks of it they won’t be doing away with it anytime soon, but they will be integrating some of it’s features into the keyboard built into Windows. You can read the company’s full blog post here.

Source: The Financial Times