Google Chrome Now Warns You Before Visiting Sites With Fake Download Buttons

Have you ever visited a website to download a new program or app? Odds are yes and if it was an ad-supported site, odds are you came across one of those misleading advertisements that tried to grab your click by housing a fake download button. It’s a very unethical practice that pretty much everyone hates, but sadly, it works. There are plenty of users who fall for these fake buttons all the time, sometimes with disastrous results. Google Chrome however is looking to help you avoid them.

In an update to Safe Browsing on Google Chrome, the browser will now alert users if they are about to load up a website with deceptive advertising. Those ads might include those which are asking you to “update your media player” or “install a critical update”.

You will of course still be able to access the chosen website, but odds are if you’re seeing this warning and you’re not an experienced internet user, you should probably avoid that site and go to another source.

The change is currently rolling out to Chrome users on all platforms.

Source: Google
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